Broken Stone Spiritual Therapy
Broken Stone Spiritual Therapy
Helping people rediscover Meaning, Worth, Light, and Belonging























1. Spiritual Therapy

Spiritual Therapy responds to the experiences of isolation, loneliness, worthlessness, meaninglessness and emptiness through practices that help us honour and reflect on our own life narrative while acknowledging and honouring the Creator and life-giving Spirit within and around us. In this way, we prepare for the transformative process of becoming fully ourselves - loving, courageous, kind human beings receiving and sharing Light. 

Spiritual Therapy cultivates the spiritual practices such as ceremony, prayer and meditation, because it is these practices set with proper intentions that create conscious and sustainable spiritual relationship, inviting that deep sense of belonging which we seek. 

Spiritual Therapy understands spiritual relationship as an axis point or a totem from which we can begin to face ourselves fully, helping us break habitual patterns, discover our sense of worth, meaning and purpose, and find space within ourselves for community. Our artwork, then, is not chasing an experience, but creating a conscious and sustainable way of life.  

In addition, I offer particular therapies rooted in my experience as a Spiritual Health Practitioner in Vancouver's hospitals.

11. Addictions

Counsel based on a program I co-facilitated on mental health/addiction units focused on self-worth, belonging, and purpose. Supported spiritual practice is at the heart of this work together.    

111. Grief and Loss

Counsel to the bereaved, helping give meaning and appropriate closure to loss through story and ceremony. I will help support you along the grieving journey of your primary loss while helping to identify and articulate secondary losses and past losses partially grieved. We might move towards creating space for personalized ceremony to honour your loved ones. 

1111. Coming soon

My wife, Analisa, and I will be offering day retreat opportunities for clients. Services would include fireside therapy, personalized ceremony, sweat lodge, workshops, yoga with certified instructor (, and gardening.     






Humbled by pebbles. Yet, perhaps I am more resilient than I think

My name is Michael Politano-Bowles. I have a BA in Religious Studies and Psychology, and a Masters of Divinity from the Vancouver School of Theology. I am a Spiritual Health Practitioner, trained in Vancouver's acute care settings (St. Paul's Hospital). I have worked in Critical Care, Medicine, Addictions, Mental/Urban Health, and Hospice. I received my certification as a Spiritual Health Specialist in April, 2018 through the Canadian Association for Spiritual Care. I love to garden, play banjo, explore the natural world, and go on road trips. Also, I am learning how to skateboard, which has been a very humbling experience! However, my passion is working with people. In particular, I love seeing others (or myself for that matter) come to know themselves better, face their fears and painful emotions, embrace the Spirit, encounter themselves in new ways, and begin to live differently. There may be no greater beauty than seeing real change in fellow humans.

As for my own path, I began when I was 19 and attending university in Guelph, Ontario. I was deeply lonely, depressed and had this tendency towards isolating myself even at social engagements. I remember one night I was sitting on the floor in my room in utter despair, when suddenly I felt a radiant and loving presence of pure light flow through me. I couldn't understand how in the moment of such darkness I could experience such an incredible moment of love. Within a few weeks I quit school and began my journey exploring myself and the world around me, inspired by this new found connection with Spirit. Those first steps led me to hitchhike throughout North America for years exploring myself and my 'backyard'; to Dorje Denma Ling, a Shambhala Buddhist retreat centre in Nova Scotia, which I lived and worked at for nearly a year; to walk the Camino de Santiago several times in both Spain and Portugal; to re-attend university with a passion for study; and those first steps motivated me to use my experience and education to help others rediscover Meaning, Worth, Light, and Belonging. I currently live and explore just outside Nelson, BC.  

There are beautiful
within us
— St. Francis of Assisi






Our initial visit will be a short 20-minute in-person, phone or Skype consult. I will ask what brings you to seek Spiritual Therapy, your sources of meaning or spiritual background (if any), and any goals you have for therapy. We can also touch on approaches to clarifying and meeting those goals. All this being said, my hope is that we simply get to know each other a little bit. This consult I provide free of charge.


Sixty Minute Session

If we decide to work together we can begin meeting at my home near Nelson. Skype sessions are also possible. With respects to my rates, I believe that we are all deserving of help when it comes to spiritual growth. We will adjust cost depending on your budget. Please let me know and we can work towards a suitable arrangement.






If you have any questions or would like to know more about spiritual therapy, please send me a message and tell me a little bit about yourself: