Jennine D.

My conversations and time spent with Michael have supported me to become more know (and  accept) myself more wholly and to assert my truths more in my life. Because of working with Michael I now experience connection with spirit and love in ways that I didn't before.

Debbie R.

I can’t imagine where I would have been without your guidance... you gave me hope when I was ready to give up, I couldn’t see past the moment that I was in.... the big black hole that I called the abyss was closing in on me ... I was so scared I would fall in and never get kept pulling me back to are very special, you have a patient manner, a good ear and so very supportive. I will forever be grateful .. you were definitely my “guardian angel “ and still are to this day.

Steph C.

I had the blessing of reaching out to Michael in the early fall simply by a google search. In our short number of sessions (due to the changing seasons) he had an incredible effect on my growth and deep inner work. He pointed out so many things I couldn’t see in myself, my courage and kindness and many traits that I had no idea I possessed. He could see my growth when I couldn’t. I have since learnt that in order to be kind to others I indeed need to be kind to myself (which was not easy for me).  Self love is a powerful and beautiful gift and it is not selfish. My path continued forward and upward with his help, my spiritual growth may be slow, but it is steady like a succulent plant and I have become the flower. 

I can’t thank Michael enough for his help in my transformation and once the seasons change I’ll be seeing him again. All the best Michael and thank you for teaching me how to be authentic and kind to myself when I didn’t know how.