What is unique about Broken Stone?

Sessions can be offered in our sweat lodge/ceremonial/practice space. We call this place of practice the ‘womb’. Spiritual counselling emphasizes this symbiotic relationship between ceremony and talk therapy as a means of honouring and activating the symbiotic relationship between heart, mind, body and spirit. Lighting ranges from soft candle light to total darkness, which allows the client (and practitioner) more freedom to access greater depths of heart and mind. Yet, these depths require grounding, so we sit comfortably but close to the earth to maintain that vital connection. Moxa, cedar and sage smoke can be burned further integrating the experience of ceremony and talk therapy. By providing sessions in the ‘womb’ integration begins.

*Note: Sessions also offered in the comfort of our home


  • Discover deeper relationships, inner passion and stillness

  • Begin connecting to your sense of meaning, purpose and self-worth

  • Rediscover your true gifts

  • Develop boundaries in your relationships

  • Help and healing with grief and loss

  • Addictions support

  • Skype sessions available

    Spiritual counselling in prose


    Spiritual Counselling responds to the experience of loss, feeling lost, living without self-worth and meaning, and isolation by helping us reawaken to the core of our own life narrative, acknowledging who we truly are while honouring the Creator and life-giving Spirit within and around us. In this way, we prepare for the transformative process of becoming fully ourselves - loving, courageous, kind human beings receiving and sharing Light. 

    Spiritual Counselling cultivates the spiritual practices such as ceremony, prayer and meditation, because it is these practices set with proper intentions that create conscious and sustainable spiritual relationship, inviting that deep sense of belonging which we seek. 

    Spiritual Counselling understands spiritual relationship as an axis point or a totem from which we can begin to face ourselves fully, helping us break habitual patterns, discover our sense of worth, meaning and purpose, and find space within ourselves for community. Our artwork or journey, then, is not chasing an experience, but creating a conscious and sustainable way of life.